The Inspiration

My father was a wonderful storyteller. He could turn every day events into adventures or morality tales or just plain fun. After almost forty years as actor working in mainstream film, I have become intrigued with what I see as a renaissance in naturalistic, guerrilla-style filmmaking that depends on storytelling to entertain and enlighten.

With that in mind, I set out to make a meaningful movie without special effects, without explosions and without tricks. At a moment when filmmakers don’t always have the time or patience to allow to a story unfold, I tried to let my story proceed at its own pace. Chasing Eagle Rock is about every day things, not super Heroes or villains. It’s more about stubbing your toe, metaphorically, and we all know how much can hurt. It’s about people, their successes and failures, and how much strength it takes to handle either one well.

I was blessed with a Cast and Crew who threw themselves into the project without knowing exactly where it would take them and who became a real team under very demanding circumstances. To all of you who lent your tremendous talent and energy to this endeavor – Congratulations!

To family and friends who have shown their support for and belief in this project throughout the long process that brought us here tonight – there isn’t a way to express our love and gratitude sufficiently.

To those of you who are new to this journey – we hope you enjoy The Movie. That’s why we made it.